Atsense Provides products to support research and development as well as industrial production.

Fuel Flow Meter

A Fuel Flow Meter capable of precisely measuring a wide range from minute flows at idling to large flows at full throttling with only low pressure loss.

Engine In-vehicle Measurement

A product line-up to precisely measure rotational speed and angle with ease

Pulse Multiplier

Generation of a signal of 360 pulses/revolution in real-time utilizing a signal plate and crank position sensor mounted in an actual vehicle


Our line-up of products for resolving pulse noise in testing machines, power plant, and manufacturing facilities, and for long-distance transmission.


Multi-Function Digital Panel Meter

A high-precision, highly-functional digital panel meter equipped with specialized measuring instruments for measuring flow rate, rotational speed, angle, and ratios

Resolver phase/measurement amplifier

Phase measurement system for motor shaft and resolver is important for inverter control, An amplifier that outputs resolver angle/speed analog signals and ABZ-phase pulse signals,