Atsense - a Japanese manufacturer of sensors, measuring and control equipment that boast high reliability and user-friendliness.

Atsense provides products to support research and development as well as industrial production.

For automobile engine
research and development


Research and development for automobile engines constantly makes rapid progress, and Atsense’s products are used by all of Japan’s main domestic manufacturers.
The engineers at Atsense who are involved in engine development exchange information on a daily basis, and this, together with continual training, allows them to identify bottlenecks in each area of research and plan the development of products that can resolve these issues.

For facilities involved in
the production of industrial products


Atsense products are used in both power plants and large-scale industrial product production facilities.
We promote production efficiency and business improvements with our problem-solving approach of repeatedly visiting facilities to identify possible bottlenecks.

In sharing our clients objectives and being aware of their problems, we can then put forward methods for solving these with the benefit of a different perspective.
We are confident that the products we have developed with this Atsense approach can also help you in your problem-solving

Atsense is a Japanese manufacturer of sensors, and measurement and control equipment.
We employ a style quite distinct to other such manufacturers to drive our various products out onto the market place.
The essence of that style is to put forward our own unique problem-solving ideas by sharing the problems which greatly concern our clients’ research and development facilities as well as their production facilities.

Generally, manufacturers tend to compete over specifications, but our products are based on an evaluation criterion which, rather than the specification, focuses on how usefully we can solve our clients’ problems and how much we can improve their business practices.

Products developed using this style have been adopted by all of the main Japanese automobile manufacturers.
We are confident that they can also be useful in solving your problems....Company

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