Multi-Function Digital Panel Meter

A high-precision, highly-functional digital panel meter equipped with specialized measuring instruments for measuring flow rate, rotational speed, angle, and ratios

High-precision measuring has been built into a 96×48 DIN-sized panel meter. You can choose from a multitude of function options.

● The first panel meter that has been used for CAN data output (option)
● 6-digit and 13-digit, two-level, high brightness LCD display (red and green). Selectable display color
● A multitude of options (analog output/BCD output/CAN output/contact output/RS232 communication/RS485 communication/USB communication)

Twin Digital Panel Meter


Flow Meter TFW-200/TFM-200

■TFW-200 Instantaneous and total flow meter  With all the functions necessary as a meter f...


Tachometer TSM-200

Tachometer■Supporting the simultaneous input of two rotation speed sensors, and displaying...


Rotational Speed Ratio Meter TRM-200

Rotational speed ratio meter ■ A rotational speed ratio meter, connected to sensors with various forms of output, such as a pulse output type of rotation sensor, rotary encoder, or photoelectric sensor, which calculates speed using inputs from two such sensors.■ 6-digit and 13-digit, two-level, high brightness LCD display (red and green)■ CAN output supported.

Unique Digital Panel Meter


Reversible Pulse Counter URC-200

Reversible pulse counter■ Maximum input frequency 2MHz (for single-phase), 500kHz for two-...