Our line-up of products for resolving pulse noise in testing machines, power plant, and manufacturing facilities, and for long-distance transmission.

Converters are commercially available from specialist manufacturers, and are reliable products when used for noise countermeasures and long-distance transmission.

●Isolator with built-in frequency divider
Arbitrary frequency division setting from 1 to 99. Input and output isolation. Small-scale 2-channel specification.

●Optical fiber transmission system
A system for converting the electrical signal from a rotary encoder to an optical fiber signal for long-distance transmission, and reconversion into an electrical signal.

Signal Converter

AT-171B Isolator with Built-in Frequency Divider

■ A pulse isolator unit for pulse shaping of the pulse input signal using a comparator, is...

Optical Fiber Transmission System

Optical Line Transceiver System

Optical communication of ABS encoder signal using a dual-core optical fiber cable (multimo...

Optical Line Driver System

Long-distance transmission of pulse signals from rotary encoders, etc., with a dual-core (...