Engine In-vehicle Measurement

A product line-up to precisely measure
rotational speed and angle with ease

Enables you to measure both the rotational speed and angle of rotating objects precisely, from ultralow speeds to ultrahigh speeds, and provides both analog and digital data output. A wide array of measurements are supported that receive signals from different types of output pulse. And we have also put together a line-up of sensors for such things as electromagnetic pickups, as well as a line-up of engine tachometers.

●Rotation sensor

A line-up of electromagnetic pickups, rotary encoders, and clamp-on ignition AC pickups.

●Panel meter

The first panel meter that has been used for CAN data output. High accuracy with a multitude of output options.

●Engine Tachometer

Compatible with various sensors such as ignition pickups, photoelectric sensors, and gear sensors.

Rotation Sensor

Clamp-on AC Pickup CLP-10

This product is a sensor for extracting a timing signal from the current change of an igni...


Pulse Shaper PS-100

By inputting the output from the CLP-10 Clamp-on AC Pickup to the PS-100, variations in th...


Secondary Line Pickup

■ Detection of the ignition signal from the ignition plug cable of a gasoline engine.■ The...


Electromagnetic Pickup

■ A power-generating rotation pickup sensor made up from a magnet and a coil.■ The sensor ...

Engine Tachometer


If you want to measure rotation speed and with good accuracy, the ET-100 Engine Tachometer...

Digital Panel Meter


Tachometer TSM-200

Tachometer■Supporting the simultaneous input of two rotation speed sensors, and displaying...


Rotational Speed Ratio Meter TRM-200

Rotational speed ratio meter ■ A rotational speed ratio meter, connected to sensors with various forms of output, such as a pulse output type of rotation sensor, rotary encoder, or photoelectric sensor, which calculates speed using inputs from two such sensors.■ 6-digit and 13-digit, two-level, high brightness LCD display (red and green)■ CAN output supported.


Reversible Pulse Counter URC-200

Reversible pulse counter■ Maximum input frequency 2MHz (for single-phase), 500kHz for two-...