Fuel Flow Meter

A Fuel Flow Meter capable of precisely measuring a wide range from minute flows at idling to large flows at full throttling with only low pressure loss.

The precise measurement of fuel flow is the cornerstone in the ever-intensifying research and development of fuel-efficient automobiles. Demands are constantly increasing, including fuel flows that follow the motion of an accelerator pedal, fuel cut, starting and stopping in hybrid vehicles, high-resolution measurement with low rotation speeds and loads, the effect of fuel pipes, and so on. And measurements need to be made both in the vicinity of engines on test benches as well as on actual vehicles, and these must also be compatible for biofuel made from such mixtures as ethanol and gasoline. We provide fuel flow meters to respond to these needs.

●Wide range of flow rate
  FS-1213: 0.06 to 108L/h FS-1214: 0.3 to 600L/h
●High accuracy   The FS series flow detector:
  ±0.2%R.D. Flow meter FM-110: ±50ppm R.D.
●High-speed response   Analog output refreshed every 1ms
●High resolution
Combination of the FS-1213 flow detector and the FM series flow meter: 0.0005mL
Combination of the FS-1214 flow detector and the FM series flow meter: 0.0055mL

●Low pressure loss Measurements can be made by using a returnless system with low     pressure loss in the detector (a filter and sensor assembly) without the use of a pressure device
●Backflow correction   High accuracy net flow measurement to obtain the minute backflow

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