Resolver phase/measurement amplifier

Phase measurement system for motor shaft and resolver is important for inverter control,
An amplifier that outputs resolver angle/speed analog signals and ABZ-phase pulse signals,

A resolver is a rotation angle sensor used for inverter control of an EV motor.
In that control, the phase difference between the motor electromotive voltage and the resolver origin is important.
There is also a need for general resolver metrology tools.

“Resolver phase measurement system” can be widely used for development, testing, and manufacturing inspection
as a tool that can measure phase measurement easily and with high accuracy.

The “resolver measurement amplifier” directly outputs ABZ pulses
without the need for a separate R/D converter IC.
It can also acquire analog output of angle and velocity,
making it ideal as a measurement tool for general-purpose resolvers.

■Resolver phase measurement system ECS-RV01/ECM-RV11
High-precision measurement of the phase difference by directly
inputting the three-phase electromotive force of the EV motor and the resolver angle signal
・Phase difference measurement displays numerical values and waveforms simultaneously
・Various measurements such as resolver phase, angle/speed, thermistor resistance,
three-phase rms values.

・CSV data for measurement conditions and measurement, hard copy of screen
・Calibration certificate (ISO/IEC17025) for unit voltage value can be issued

■Resolver measurement amplifier RDC-100
Eliminates the complexity of using an R/D converter IC

・Output of analog voltage proportional to angle and velocity
・ABZ phase signal output at TTL level
・Compatible for various amplitude modulation type resolvers


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