What material are the wetted parts made from?

SUS, FKM, and modified PTFE.


What does it mean when the “cell error” display is output on the densitometer LCD?

It occurs when the transmitter, consisting of the sensor (resonator) and the display (amplifier), cannot transmit normally. This is thought to be caused by a bad connection between the sensor and the display, for example, or be the result of noise.

Can degassing be done when fluid is flowing in the in-line densitometer?

It would not be recommended. This can be done at your own risk.



Since I am trying to use the sensor near its lower limit, the display is not very stable, so is there a way to stabilize it?

You can stabilize it, for example, by increasing the value of the “Display refresh time (setting No.16)” or the value of the “Moving average of the instantaneous flow display (setting No.17).”

But in this case, the display response time is slower, so please take care.

What should I do to display the instantaneous flow rate in US gallons per hour?

Set “Display refresh time (setting No.13)” to “2.L”, and “Unit selection (setting No.25)” to “1.P/mL.” Further, from the fact that 1US gallon = 3.785L, in “Pulse rate (setting No.24)”, please set the K factor as the value normally set x the value of 3.785.

Common to panel meters

What happens to the analog output during setting mode?

The output will remain as it was just prior to entering setting mode. The moment that you leave setting mode, it drops to 0V, and then it becomes the analog output corresponding to the new measured value.

What is the difference between refresh time and moving average?

For example, a 0.01 updated, moving average over 10, means an averaging process that changes every 0.01s.

The 0.1 update occurs in a stepwise fashion every 0.1s.

Up to how long can the BCD output cable be?

A 3m cable has been made available, but we cannot recommend using anything longer than that.


Is it possible to randomly choose two out of the three things, digital output, contact output, and communication?

Yes, it is possible. You can choose such combinations as communication and contact, CAN and communication, and so on.

With the analog option, is general purpose just for voltage?

(V) 4 to 20mA can be output for general-purpose analog output (1ch).



Can demonstration machines be lent out, or rented long-term?

Yes, they can.

Please contact the sales representative.


Is it possible to distinguish between forward and reverse rotational speed?

No. Both are treated as the same.


Are there any limitations on the distance to the sensor?

This is different according to the conditions for the amplifier and optical fiber.


FS12xx series

What are the wetted parts made of?

SUS, fluoroplastic, etc. Please consult us for details.