【 Resolver phase measurement unit ECS-RV01 】 Resolver phase measurement system ECS-RV01/ECM-RV11

Resolver phase value used in PCU control = Position relative to magnet is provided as reliable data.

This unit measures the phase difference and collects the data by directly inputting the 3-phase counter electromotive voltage of the EV motor and the resolver signal.

This phase measurement makes it possible to grasp the correct magnet position of the motor, realizing efficient drive control.

We propose a unit and a master PC inas one package.
Measurements are made by rotating the target motor with the drive motor.


  • Simultaneous display of numerical values and waveforms for phase difference measurement
  • Various measurements such as resolver phase, angle/velocity, thermistor resistance value, and three-phase effective value
  • CSV data for measurement conditions and measurements, hard copy of screen
  • Calibration certificate can be issued for unit voltage value ISO/IEC17025
  • Guarantee for the synchronicity of multi-unit data via EtherCat communication

※This system uses EtherCAT communication, and the connected EtherCAT slave units can maintain synchronicity.

Comparison between the existing method of resolver phase measurement and this system


Resolver interface
Target resolver 1-phase excitation 2-phase (SIN, COS) output resolver
Resolver excitation signal R1・R2 7Vrms Excitation frequency selectable from 10kHz/20kHz
Input from resolver Sine input (S2,S4) and Cosine input ( S1, S3)
Selectable input gain and shaft angle multiplication (×1 to ×4)
Encoder simulated output A-phase, B-phase, Z-phase
Maximum phase difference measurements: 1200r/min
Angular position output Resolution±0.09° Maximum error when
resolver is stationaryat a standstill±0.4°
Rotational velocity Calculated from encoder simulated signal A-phase and B-phase
0 to 5000r/min for X2 resolver
Connector 6-pin spring type terminal block connector 2.5mm pitch 1 row
Counter electromotive voltage input
Input voltage Three-phase AC100Vrms or less between phases
Temperature deviation ±0.02V Instantaneous value accuracy ±0.07V
Conversion speed 100kSPS (signed 16bit data)
Insulation spec. Three-phase collective ground (FG) AC2000V for 1 minute
Connector 4-pin spring type terminal block connector 2.5mm pitch 1 row
Resistance measurement
Resistance range 100Ω~150kΩ
Resistance value error
±1.5% (1kΩ to 150kΩ), ±4% (100Ω)
Assumed usage Connect a thermistor to measure temperature
(Conversion from resistance value to temperature is performed by the master)
Connector 2-pin spring type terminal block connector 2.5mm pitch 1 row
EtherCAT port(IN/OUT)
Connector RJ45 socket IN port/OUT port 1 each
Protocol EtherCAT slave
Connection cable Ethernet category 5 or higher, double shield, straight wiring
Possible to be prepared by users
Transmission speed 100Mbps
Sync mode Fixed at 1ms
General specifications
RoHS Directive European RoHS1 directive compliant
Power supply DC24V±20%、6700mA max
3-pin spring type terminal block connector 3.5mm pitch 1 row
Electrical isolation Electrical isolation between the following groups
A/D input interface (counter electromotive voltage input)
Resolver interface/internal circuit-
EtherCAT connector (IN and OUT), case, FG (ground)-
Power supply (DC24V)
Ambient temperature -25℃~+60℃
Ambient humidity 95% RH or less (no condensation)
External dimensions 260(W)×70(H)×200(D) mm Not including protrusions
Weight about 1600g