【 Rotation Sensor 】 Pulse Shaper PS-100

Connection is made to the CLP-10 Clamp-on AC Pickup, and ignition charge time and injection time is output as a pulse

PS-100 正面 
PS-100 背面 

By inputting the output from the CLP-10 Clamp-on AC Pickup to the PS-100, variations in the drive current, from the start of ignition (IGN) charging to discharge, and from the start to end of injection (INJ), can be converted into a 0-5V pulse signal.

The trigger level for the 4-channel input can be set for each of the channels 1, 2, and the channels 3, 4.
The trigger level is switched between 4 steps.



■ 4-channel input
■ The analog signal from the CLP-10 Clamp on AC Pickup is converted to a digital signal and output
■ The trigger level can be set in 4 steps
■ A low pass filter provides noise reduction
■The trigger level and low pass filter can be set for each of channels 1, 2 and channels 3, 4.The white line is the wave shaped output from the PS-100.


The white line is the wave shaped output from the PS-100.

PS-100 output waveform chart



Input/output connector BNC
Number of channels 4ch
Detector CLP-10 Clamp on AC Pickup
Input circuit adjustment

1) TRG (trigger level) switch: 4-step switching±0.5, ±1V, ±2V, ±5V
2) LPF (low pass filter) switch: 4-step switching
The above settings are performed for each of 2 chs of CH1, 2 and CH3, 4 by the panel switch.

Output circuit For both TTL input and contact input (external pull-up voltage maximum 30V)
Output rating H(5V) level 3.5V or more (4mA)、L(0V) level 1.5V or less (10mA)
Output logic Output H level during ignition and injection drive current energizing
Indicator Lights at output H level: Green element green light LED
Response speed Within 3μs after trigger level is exceeded at the input terminal
Signal insulation None (input/output ground common)
Power input range DC9 to 32V (5W), reverse polarity connection prevention (automatic reset), signal insulation
Power supply connector f5.5×2.1 standard DC jack (center + polarity)
Body case Aluminum case, anodizing treatment
External dimensions & weight W:140 H:40 D:100 (excluding projecting parts), weight: Approx. 400g
Operating temperature range -10°C to 50°C (no condensation)
Accessories AC adaptor × 1, DC plug cable × 1, adhesive rubber foot × 4