【 Unique Digital Panel Meter 】【 Digital Panel Meter 】 Reversible Pulse Counter URC-200

Unique digital panel meter Reversible counter


Reversible pulse counter
■ Maximum input frequency 2MHz (for single-phase), 500kHz for two-phase input
■ High-speed 0.5ms response for analog output and digital output
■ CAN output supported
■ 6-digit and 13-digit, two-level, high brightness LCD display (red and green)


High-precision, highly-functional digital panel meter with built-in counter and angle measurement function

  • The first panel meter that has been used for CAN data output (option)
  • 6-digit and 13-digit, two-level, high brightness LCD display (red and green). You can choose the display color.
  • A multitude of options (analog output/BCD output/CAN output/contact output/RS232 communication/RS485 communication/USB communication)

Introduction to Functions

  • Compatible with two-phase pulse input standards
  • Apart from the normal count, since a count is only performed in the region between the upper and lower limits which have been set, an angle measurement can be made by connecting a rotary encoder
  • 2MHz maximum input frequency (for single-phase), and 500kHz for two-phase input
  • Maximum possible response speed of 0.5ms for high-speed output, analog output, BCD output, and CAN output

The model configuration for this instrument is as shown in the figure below.
The model is left-justified when option “No” was selected.
Multiple options cannot be chosen from options in the same group.
Two different types can be selected out of digital output, contact output, and communication.



Model URC-200
Name Reversible pulse counter
 Input operations A/AB (reversible)
 Operation key 5 points Separate function at measurement/setting
  Memory Memory element Non-volatile memory
Memory content Setting value and count value
 Display LCD negative, backlight
  Main display Display items Count value
Display color, character height, number of digits Switching between red and green backlight, 14.2mm, 6 digits + polarity (-)
  Sub-display Display items Count value/Comparator setting value/OFF
Display color, character height, number of digits Switching between red and green backlight, 6.5mm, 13 digits + polarity (-) at 2 points
  Status display Display color Switching between red and green backlight
Signal input (sensor input)
 Number of inputs 2 inputs
 Types of input signal (CH) Single-phase (2ch) / UP/DOWN (1ch) / A/B 2-phase signal (1ch) switching
  Maximum input frequency Single-phase, UP/DOWN signal 2MHz
A/B 2-phase signal 500kHz
Signal input (sensor input) (0) General purpose
 Input level AC (zero-cross) signal
Signal A
±200mV to ±30V, LPF switching
Logic signal H level 3.9V or more, L level 1V or less (voltage resistance ±30V)
Others Pull-up/pull-down switching
  Power supply for sensor Voltage and maximum current DC12V±10%, 100mA
 External control input Number of points 2 inputs
Signal type Contact/TTL (minimum pulse width 5ms)
Items Reset/Hold switching
Signal input (sensor input) (L) line
  Input level TTL (logic signal) H level 3.9V or more, L level 1V or less (maximum ±30V)
Line driver signal Differential signal compliant with RS-422 (485) (maximum ±7V)
  Power supply for sensor Voltage and maximum current DC5V±10%, 200mA
Analog output
 Refresh time 0.5ms
 D/A conversion 16-bit
Analog output (V) General purpose (1CH)
 Number of outputs 1 output
 Output items Count value
  Output range Voltage output range ±10/0-10/0-5/1-5 V (load of 4.7kΩ or more)
Current output range 4-20mA (load of 560Ω or less)
 Accuracy Voltage output ±0.1%F.S. or less/current output ±0.2% F .S. or less (23ºC)/temperature variation ±200ppm/ºC or less
Analog output (W) Voltage (2CH)
  Number of outputs 2 outputs
 Output items Count value
 Output range Voltage output range ±10V (load of 4 .7kΩ or more)
 Accuracy Voltage output ±0.1%F.S. or less (23ºC)/temperature variation ±200ppm/ºC or less
Contact output (C) contact output (photo MOS relay), (O) contact output (open collector)
 Number of outputs 4 outputs
 Refresh time 0.5ms
  Output items Comparator
 Output circuit (C) Photo MOS relay  Maximum load voltage (peak AC/DC) 350V, continuous load current (peak AC/DC) 80mA, output ON resistance 35Ω (typical)
(O) Open collector  NPN open collector, maximum load voltage 30V, maximum load current
Communication (4) RS-485 (2) RS-232 (U) USB
 Communication format Serial communication (4) RS-485/(2) RS-232/(U) USB
Communication speed 9.6k/19.2k/38.4k bps
Data length 7/8 bit
Parity bit Null/even/odd
Stop bit 1/2 bit
Character code ASCII
Digital output
 Output items Count value
 Refresh time Analog synchronization/display synchronization switching
Digital output (T) BCD output (TTL), (P) BCD output (open collector)
 Number of output digits 6 digits + polarity
  Output circuit (T) TTL Output voltage 0-5V (output current ± 100mA, but ± 4mA/ch)
(P) Open collector NPN voltage 30V, maximum load current
Digital output (N) CAN
  Output circuit CAN2.0B compliance High-Speed CAN (ISO11898-2)
Communication speed 1Mbps/500kbps/250kbps/125kbps
Data format Little endian/Big endian
ID length Standard 11bit/Extended 29bit
Data format Signed long (4 bytes)
Output refresh time Digital output refresh time/1/2/5/10ms
General specification
 Supplied power sources (A) Power supply (AC) AC100 to 240V ±10% (50/60Hz),
(100V, 18VA or less, 240V, 24VA or less)
(D) Power supply (DC) DC12 to 24V ±10% (10W or less)
 Electrical insulation Insulation range Sensor input – analog output – contact output – communication and digital output – supplied power sources
 Protective structure Front panel IP66
 Operating temperature and humidity range 0 to 50, 85%RH or less (with no condensation)
 External dimensions, Weight W: 96 H: 48 D: 100 (D: 93 inside part)
Approx. 230g (when equipped with all options)

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